Wrote some 500 words in the novel today. Felt like returning to the gym after a three month hiatus and trying to do squats. Ouch. See, the problem is that I hit a wall, and could see a way around it. Simply didn’t know exactly what happened next, and didn’t want to skip ahead, and wasn’t excited with any of my solutions. So I didn’t write for 3 weeks. Then I realized it was December, and I only had 30 days left to finish the blasted thing. 60,000 words in 30 days! Not hard if you know what you’re doing, but a wall is a wall is a wall.

So I sat down and just stared at the story and frowned and stroked my chin and threw up my hands and sighed and rolled my eyes and finally just hammered out 300 words. I’m pretty sure I’ll come back and edit this out. That I’ll end up editing the next chapter out altogether with something better when I go for round 2. But for now, dammit, I just need to get moving, so Chapter 12 will just have to work itself out.

Either way, back in the saddle. Going to finish my work for the day, and then see if I can’t hammer out another 2,000 words before 7pm. Doubt I’ll have the time, but if not, tomorrow morning, mark my words, it’ll be writing time.

(PS: Thanks to Paul for the Social Network soundtrack. It’s great to write to. Here’s looking at you, kitten.)