Instead of going to school today and teaching 150 kids why English is the best thing ever, I instead lazed about in bed and privately gloated on why English is the best thing ever while reading Jose Saramago’s The History of the Siege of Lisbon. It really is astonishingly good. I sing its praises! Erudite and thoughtful and mesmerizing and funny and good. Thoroughly enjoyable if you’re a book nerd. Which I am, so. In addition, today I began watching Twin Peaks. I’ll report on it as I progress.

I also had a glorious tea this afternoon with me mum and vovo. Espresso coffee was to be had, along with German chocolate cake with a dulce-de-leche topping covered with chocolate ants and coconut shavings, and a center filling of walnut and coconut icing. And that’s not all. There was also my mother’s formidably good flan, so that the end result was that I ate way too much of everything and had to take a nap.

Luckily for my metabolism, my friend Giancarlo forced me to go play tennis, from which I am but freshly returned, and I am glad to report to the world that I won. We were tied, 1-1, and Giancarlo looked set to take the tie-breaker. He had me on my heels, clearly ahead, when I pulled off a stunning upset and surged up to match and then beat him. The seachange was signalled by a stunning point I scored that involved my throwing myself face first into the back fence while backhanding a desperate return that sent the tennis ball sailing high, high up into the air. I turned, panting, and saw it plonk miraculously in the center of the court. Unbelievable! Giancarlo, sensing the kill, went in for the smash and sent the ball screaming into the net. The point was mine! Giancarlo never quite recovered from that upset, and I sealed the deal mere minutes later. Victory!

Now I think I might go have some more cake and flan. I do believe I’ve earned it.