Quick note: I was about to read Samuel Delany’s DriftGlass, but caught sight of this slender little novel tucked away behind some stouter books. I plucked it out, and was delighted to see Stallone’s masked face sneering (can one sneer dourly? maybe he’s just pouting) out at me.

JUDGE DREDD (Based on the screenplay).

This is going to be good.

A quick check reveal that there are 118 copies for sale on Amazon for $0.01, which helps the boding bode even better.

At first I thought the novel had been written by Stallone himself (check the cover), but then realized that no, the honor went to Neal Barrett, Jr. He has written scores of books, ranging from Batman – ‘The Ultimate Evil, Book 2’ and Bablyon 5 books to Interstate Dreams and the Hereafter Gang. Now, I have no idea as to what the quality of these books are. For all I know, the guy could be brilliant! But! I think the odds in this particular case are stacked against him.

I’ll report back soon, and let you know if this is a vivid re-imagining of the screen play, compellingly written and a bit tongue in cheek, or an awful slog just begging to be Mystery Science Theater 3000’nd.