Today has been about near perfect thus far. I awoke at 11.30, unnecessary given that it’s a Saturday, but it set a tone of rigor and discipline for the day. From there, I ambled into the main apartment unit, and set about cooking brunch. And what was brunch, I hear you cry? By the axe of my ancestors it was great. Broiled German sausages and baked potato. And no mere mortal potato, but one who’s innards had been churned with swiss cheese and butter, who’s skin was basted in paprika, rock salt, oregano and olive oil. And the sausages? Ah, what delight I felt when I pulled them out from the belly of the oven, golden and browned, crackly and hot! Perfect timing, right on the spot, not a second over, not a moment too soon. Ah, brilliance, sheer genius!

I then settled in to read some of Charlie Stross’ Singularity Sky, and wisely decided to take a brief nap. Then, shrugging off the coils of the delicious siesta, I hit the deli on the corner and bought a small carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream: Half Baked. Back in the apartment I put on the first episode of Firefly, and sat back to eat ice cream and watch the pilot of what I’ve heard is an incredible show.

And it was pretty damn good. Intriguing cast of characters, lots of potential for plot, and the one girl – Kaylee? Is incredibly cute. All good things! And now? And now I don’t know. How could I possibly keep the momentum going? I think I might make some tea and sit at the breakfast table and read some more. Why sit at the table when I could lie on the couch? Because we need to test our bodies, because after such an arduous activity the delight of lying back down is a hundredfold.

And it’s only 5:30! There are still hours to come in the day, hours and hours of further activity and fulfillment. After staying at the office a week straight until roughly 10-11pm each night, this is paradise.