I, like all of you, my dear and most esteemed readers, am a dilletent when it comes to browsing blogs; I flit and dance from one blog to another, pausing to sample the wares with a careless flick of my eyes, sizing up a post or two, checking out the titles, and then like that I am gone, clicking onwards and upwards to the next blog on my list. There are a few places I stop by every day, and handful I check three times or so a week, and then a vast panapoly of sites that I visit randomly whenever the mood strikes me.

For the most part people review books, they connect to amusing news articles, they rage about the government and recount amusing personal anecdotes. The Guardian Blog, however, has recently been holding my attention due to the high literary quality of their frequent posts, as exemplified by their latest in which Mr. Chris Power’s kicks off a series of posts examining short stories by mulling over what made Mr. Anton Chekhov great.

It’s an excellent post, and gave me a sneaky thrill, as if I were once again sitting in the back of a class room in college, listening to an erudite Professor elucidate the intricacies of a canonical genius, helping me understand my own nebulous impressions and sentiments by putting words to my feelings and vocalizing my thoughts. Brilliant! I can’t wait for him to tackle Lovecraft, whom Neil Gaiman rightly describes as ‘rock and roll’, to see what he makes of the New England Master of Horror and his contributions to the short story form.

So – add the Guardian blog to your list of must view sites, and pay close attention to Mr. Power’s short story posts. They’re well worth the read.