End of third period. Kids are restless, aware that something momentous is going on, but wanting to head out to lunch, get out of the classroom. I’m leaning back in my chair, watching the television, watching Biden take his oath, watching Obama do the same. The kids don’t quite understand how important this is, how momentous. Lunch bell rings. The kids rush up, run out of class, dropping their papers on my desk.

I stay still, watching the TV. Obama begins to speak. I sit there, arms crossed over my chest, and at some point stand and walk around my desk so as to stand directly before the TV, watching Obama by myself, feeling connected to countless millions as he speaks.

Fifteen minutes later, he finishes, and by myself I begin to applaud, my hand claps echoing within the empty classroom, feeling flushed with hope, excitment, elated beyond belief.

This has been a good day.