Gargh! This rewrite is not coming along like a tame and willing puppy. Rather, it’s lying there like a dead and rotting puppy and I’m here poking at it with my stick in a most desultory manner. Characters are lumpen and lifeless and my words are like ashes stuffed in their gaping mouths. They do not prance they do not preen they simply stare at me with their two dimensional eyes and refuse my attempts to make them vigorous and vital!

Curse and kick it and stomp and hit it and cast it into the flames. Maybe I need to drink more coffee or play the music louder or dance dance dance myself into a frenzy before throwing myself at the laptop. Maybe I need to write about what I’m going to edit more, analyze it and figure it out so that it’s natural and grokked and done with.

It’s like I’m standing outside these floodgates that are trembling and groaning with the weight of a million billion tons of water trapped behind them and I’m kicking at the planks yelling, “Come on, open, open damn it!”