Just got to sit in on an interview with William Gibson, and then chat with him while we waited for his publicist to show up. Topics of conversation:

1) How his previous book, Pattern Recognition, inadvertently drove up the prices of antique calculators
2) How he goes about writing the parts of his books that are set in countries/cities he’s never been to (and the double vision his research assistants experience when reading those passages they furnished the descriptions for)
3) The ‘Google Cloud’ that surrounds any text these days as a result of all the Googling and research that is done by fans (also how authors have to be aware that fans will no doubt come across the same Googled sources the authors used while writing their books)
4) Subtle internet campaigns that promote movies like A.I. or The Bourne Supremacy
5) How Googling has replaced the standard ‘research in the library’ scenes in modern books

Excellent! I’ll post some pictures from William Gibson’s Book Signing that I attended yesterday, and recount how I flashed my ID and got VIP privileges 😉