When you come back to the office at eleven at night to write. When you run across the street, grab a bag of McDonald’s food and job back to the office building, cross the street with a quick left right, and then through the gleaming, glittering lobby with its massive, atrocious wall art. Into the elevator, and then run down the halls, through doors, up corridors, take corners, turns, and then unlock your office door, turn on the lights, wolf down your Micky D’s while checking the news, brew some coffee in the caf, put on some good music, rub your hands and get stuck in.

It’s dark outside. There’s a 45 minute subway ride home, and I’ve got to be up early tomorrow to see Brad about a suit. I wrote Chapter 5 this morning while things were slow, and now am going to take a stab at Chapter 6. Chapter 7, too, if I ride this energy wave long enough. Tomorrow perhaps I’ll write about the amazing Gilberto Gil concert I went to in Times Square, but for now, it’s time to get stuck in.

Adios, Buenoadventura!


It’s 1AM now, and I’ve finished Chapters 5 & 6. I’ve got a mug of tea by me, and Brazilian Girls playing through the speakers, and man I’d like to write Chapter 7 tonight, jump back into the S.S. Leviathan and see what Ruth does next, but but well… I’ll get home at 2AM as is. Need to wake up at 7.15. Ah me! There’s not enough time in the day, and this weekend I’ll be in Texas and unable to write at all, not from Thursday through to Sunday night. Argh! Perhaps I’ll be able to drum out Chapters 7 and 8 tomorrow, and then leave it at the most exciting point, the moment when it all starts to go terribly wrong! You know, even if nobody else enjoys reading this thing, I’m having so much fun writing it that I don’t really care. Or, to be honest, care all that much.

Okay–enough rambling! Time to hit the mean streets of NYC and wend my way through the underground tunnels to Brooklyn. Get me hence!