Hello Internets,

It has been some few weeks, perhaps one or two, since last I wrote you a note or missive. I have been away, you see, first in Taos, New Mexico and then to Orlando, Florida, and am only recently returned. Taos was stunning; I would post some pictures were I not feeling lazy, and Orlando was as fun as my post-Taos exhausted self could make it. In all I am glad to have gone, but am equally glad to have returned.

I find that not only have I neglected you, dear Internets, but I have failed to write a word these past few weeks in my novel. Everybody stands frozen on that last page, a circle of motorbikes facing each other, Selah gazing in dull shock at her cell phone as she realizes there are no operating cell phone towers in Miami. Since nobody has moved in over 8 or 9 days, I imagine a thin coating of dust lies over them all.

I aim to write something tomorrow. At the very least, I’ll get Selah to put away the phone she’s gaping at.

I suppose this is a long way of saying that I’m back, and that I intend to return to the business of writing for pleasure, both here and on my current captive Word document. Given my plans for 2011, I need to have a much better showing than these past few days, or else all shall collapse softly and gracefully upon itself like a cream puff removed too soon from the oven.

So, until tomorrow, I remain most faithfully yours,