Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has passed away. He created a game that at heart was a form of interactive story telling, that brought people together and allowed them to collectively imagine stories and heroes and villains. There are as many different forms of roleplaying as there are people who play it, but its core revolves around that concept: telling a story, having a good time, and using your imagination to its fullest.

The guy basically created a game that I’ve played on and off since 8th grade. I’ve played my share and your share of Dungeons and Dragons, but I’ve also played games that came about as a result of his creation, games that grew from those roots, improved on them sure, but owe it all to D&D for having paved the way. It’s hard to get respect for rping, given that the public often doesn’t have a very good idea as to what’s going on around that table, but that’s the public’s loss: I’ve had some great nights exploring temples, battling vampires, escaping from insane asylums and concocting diabolical plots and traps with which to trap and challenge my friends. Gary Gygax created a game that afforded me not only endless hours of fun, but that also inspired me to write my own stuff, to be creative and give my imagination full sweep.

So thank you, Mr. Gygax. Thank you.