I’ve decided to post a paragraph from each day’s writing. Which means I need to catch up for the last two days, so here are the retroactively selected passages, chosen by a juror of one:

Chapter 1

The Church reared up above him. Massive and boxy with its steeple and shattered windows. Steps lead up to the small portico in its front, where a massive door hung on rusted hinges. Zach stopped, and played his light over the building’s front. It was in there, something told him. Waiting for him, hurt, bleeding, furious. Wanting to pull screams from his body. A cold sweat broke out over his brow. No matter how many times he told himself he was ready to die, no matter how often he swore that it would be a release, he always felt like puking before going into places like this. Like his insides were jellied. He shifted his grip on his shotgun, wiped one hand on the seat of his jeans, and began walking up the steps.

And Chapter 2:

A scorpion emerged from shadows beneath a rock, and paused, claws extended. Marcus watched it, and then walked over slowly. Sensing him, the scorpion slowly raised its tail. Marcus brought his heel down on the creature, and ground it into the dust. The tail whipped at his boot several times, seeking to dig the stinger into the thick leather. Marcus watched it idly, and then turned his head.

Should have an excerpt up from Chapter 3 this evening.