Finished this a couple of days ago, never got around to posting. Here’s an excerpt:

Zach glanced around, wondering if anybody was watching, if people were curious about their accosting this homeless looking guy, and saw somebody staring right at him. She was standing across the street, partially hidden in shadow beneath the awning of a closed store, arms hanging by her side. Even in the evening shadows her skin appeared pale, almost luminous, and her face was slack and without expression. Her eyes were trained on him, but it seemed as if she were staring right through him.

Unnerved, Zach indicated her to Connor, who glanced at her and nodded, “One of Mr. Bones’ friends,” he said. “There’s another one down the block to the left, see him? Standing between those two parked cars, doing nothing? And a third down the street on the left side, in that doorway.”

Zach looked in each direction Connor indicated, and felt a cold thrill as he saw the other two. The man between the two cars was heavily built, Mexican, his fleshy face drooping, eyes half closed, while the one in the doorway was a second man, too hidden to make out much. All three possessed that same unnerving vacuous quality, their eyes wide and unblinking as they stared at where Zach stood.