Finished Chapter 5 in a feverish blur, hammering out the words while listening to Chelsea Dagger at full volume. This is crude, direct stuff, but it was damned fun to write and I got to the end of the Chapter, which is what matters! Here’s an excerpt:

The jeep trembled, shook, and then rose up off the road. Lamia gasped and wrenched the wheel back and forth, but the wheels turned uselessly in the air even as they continued to hurtle forward, a yard above the streaming blacktop.

Connor sat frozen, staring at the world outside, and then turned back to Zach and began yelling at him, shaking him. Zach’s head swung bonelessly on his shoulders, but his grin grew only wider.

The jeep rose another yard, the front dipping down slightly. There was no way to tell how fast they were going, but they were clearly gaining speed.

“Stop it!” cried Lamia, turning to stare at Zach, her face mottled with barely controlled panic.

Connor grabbed the knife from where it had fallen between them, and moved to cut Zach, but Lamia reached back and gripped his wrist. “You nuts? He drops us at this speed we’re dead!”

The jeep was blurring forward now. Easily going faster than it had at any point during the pursuit. Connor dropped the knife, and began to earnestly entreat with Zach, who paid no attention. Sweat was running down his brow, dripping off his nose, filling his glazed eyes so that they welled as if with tears. He was shivering, shaking, and still the jeep accelerated.