Halfway done, but here’s an excerpt from tonight’s work:

“We’ve got a copter,” said Marcus, craning his head to look up through the window.
“Alright,” said Connor. “Time for the bazooka.”
“What?” said Johnny, “What? What?”
Connor laughed, shook his head. “Just kidding, dude. Relax.”
“Are you ready?” asked Lamia, turning to look at Marcus.
“Sure,” he said quietly, “When you are.”
“Do it,” she said, and shifted in the car seat, gaze locked on the road before them. Sirens were bruising the air again, and while no cop cars were in sight, everybody knew they were closing on all sides.
Marcus reached down between his feet, and drew out a black briefcase. It was fat and glossy and wrapped in a thick, rusted chain, round and round and round. He unlocked a padlock as thick as his fist and began to unwind the chain from around the case.

This is definitely turning out to be an action novel. Which is fun to write, not too deep, and fast paced. Hopefully I’ll finish Chapter 5 tomorrow!