Chapter 3 is finished, and I blurred through it while playing Spoon’s ‘They Never Got You’. Fun! 4,522 words, which means I’m burning through my goal of 3,000/day. At this rate I should be done in a couple more weeks. As long as I can plot faster than I write. Which isn’t always a given, but hellfire, I sure am having fun getting there, even if it’s just a car crash awaiting me at the end of the road. Here’s an excerpt from today’s writing:

The speedometer was pushing sixty five when Zach fired the first barrel. The crash sent a jangling wash of adrenaline through Twain, made her breath seize in her chest, freeze there, but she didn’t swerve. Glancing up, she saw that the demons were upon them. A clotted mass of heaving, surging black flesh was swarming in the air behind them, crude wings blurring as they spurred themselves on to overtake them. Seventy miles an hour, and a second crash of the shotgun. She saw a small body cartwheel out of the sky, punched back and away.