So, I have awoken. I was already half awake when my phone rang and sealed the deal, but now I am mostly vertical (seated in a chair?), and considering the day before me. I have an entire day free of classrooms, children, yelling, papers, hallways, gradebooks and detentions. It’s quite a nice thought, though somewhat marred by the stack of essays and workbook assignments I was forced to bring home (never bring homework home is my rule, unless you do) and have to grade today. Which I will most probably do in a coffee shop, because while I think writing fiction in public is kind of douchey, I think grading papers in a coffee shop is awesome. That’s when every distraction (usually in the form of cute Miami girls coming in for ice latte’s) is indeed a most welcome occasion.

And then later tonight I’m going to a potluck dinner. But for now, the day stretches out before me in a manner that really makes me think of the game Myst; full of potential but obscured by low hanging fog, such that I can’t see further than the next half hour. Also, outside it’s overcast and gray and dingy like an old kitchen rag on the verge of retirement. So: first order of the day: searing hot shower, then a mug of searing hot coffee, and then put on some searing hot pants. THAT should get the day started right.