Was up at 6.45am to write another installment with the dawn. Two mugs of tea later I’ve clocked in some 3,000 words, so that I now only lag some 7,500 words behind where I should be today. Ah, the challenge of writing while traveling!

Still, Blood from the Mountain draws to a close. Am at 65,000 presently, and should be at about 72,500. Which means I’ll be done with it before I know it, and then that’ll be two novels done this year.

March looms. I may cannibalize the first week of March to finish Blood from the Mountain, which is looking to be longer than the 28 days of Feb will allow, but still. Need to start thinking up a new novel. If I can finish editing The Grind Show by then, I might go for Grind Show Part II.

Too much to do, and not enough time!

Enough. Time for breakfast, and then Puzzlewood.