I’ve been working on my short story idea all evening, and quickly realized that in order to give it any versimilitude at all, I had to do some serious research. The tale revolves around a rebellion staged in a lunar base, and the platoon that is sent in to quell it. That, at least, is the background for the drama that unfolds; however, in order to make the background convincing, I decided to investigate a little into the realities of space exploration and the plans to settle the moon in particular, and discovered the following things:

Gravity on the moon is irregular. There areThings called mascons (‘Mass Concentrations’, or severe gravitational anomolies) exist over certain lunar ‘oceans’ that raise the moon’s gravity from 1/6th of that of earth to potentially 1/3rd, or even 1/2. People are unsure as to why these anamolies exist, theorizing that asteroid impacts of sufficient power could have caused faults in the moon’s crust through which basalt plugs flowed through, resulting in areas of massive mineral density that locally increase the gravitational pull.

Apparently Earth has the same things: did you know that the gravitational pull over Helsinki is stronger than that over London? That Hawaii apparently