I had strange dreams last night. I was at a zoo by the beach, and strange animals were loose, wandering the sands and flying in vast flocks across the sky. At one point I was sitting on my towel when I espied large dolphins playing in the waves, right before the shore. Shadows surged and drifted beneath the water, and occasionally a graphite gray dolphin would leap up, chattering and beckoning. A couple of men down to my left were hefted fish into the water, tossing them mightily from the dunes to the waiting dolphins, but one fish was mis-thrown and landed close to me. It was huge, as long as my arm, and I grabbed it with both hands by the tail and swung it around and around like hammer toss, intent on throwing it as far as I could into the ocean. My grip slipped at the last moment, however, and it only flew a few yards into the surf.

Later, walking towards the zoo, I saw the Brooklyn Bridge extending across the Hudson. Huge flocks of parrots were flying about it, entire clouds that obscured the sky, sorted by primary colors, viewed through the suspension chords of the bridge. They were also perched along its length, ranging in size from several yards tall to the heights of skyscrapers.

Walking alongside me on the beach was a woolly rhino. It was heavy, congenial, and told me that it’s father had been unearthed in Patagonia, frozen yet alive, and that excited scientists had quickly mated him with another rhino and thus brought about a resurgence of his species. His fur was more akin to a massively thick rubber foot matt, and dull brown in color. We parted ways.

I entered the zoo, and saw mallard ducks that size of sparrows flitting through the air, their plumage dignified and regal, their green necks and heads iridescent.

At one point Kaitlyn, Tomas and I were walking through the zoo. Kaitlyn and Tomas were walking hand in hand, and I was in a tiny hot-air balloon, perhaps five yards up, being pulled along by Tomas. We were having great fun, and at once point we passed two twins who looked up at me and said, “He’s cute!” I then repeated, “They said I’m cute!” and the twins covered their faces and the three of us laughed.

We split up after that, but I discovered a place where the zoo met the ocean that had these deep though small grottoes into which dolphins would swim. They were textured like fake rock, and were connected by underwater tunnels. I stood looking into the water watching a couple play with the dolphins, and then jumped in and began to play with them too. They were very large, too wide for me to put my arms around, and a dark, almost black-gray. But so nice. There were some four or five of them, and they drifted from grotto to grotto. I followed them about till I found the tunnel that gave them access to the sea. Sunlight was pouring into the water beyond, and looking down into the underwater tunnel I was tempted to dive down and swim out and play with them in the open water. But I was scared, too, so I didn’t.