I just watched the first episode, and it’s good to be back. Dexter is an excellent show. These days, when I watch something, when I’m watching something that I appreciate, that I admire, I’m tempted as all ways to get sucked in, to forget about my critical faculty and just enjoy.

Part a part of me remains detached, and I find myself asking: how did they do that? How did they construct such a tightly plotted, riveting story? How did they develop the characters with such brief, powerful strokes? Look at the camera angles. The use of lighting. How they play with color. What is it about the technical details that contribute to the mood, the atmosphere, that cause me to sit up and pay attention?

And most importantly. How can I translate that onto the page? How do I seize the essence of what I’m viewing, the common denominator, and then transfer that into mere words? How do I put together something that can thrill, shock, terrify and exhilarate my readers?

Damn. There is a lot to learn. But the reward, judging from my own adrenaline rush, my own thrill and enjoyment, is well worth the work.