and the writing continues apace, on and on and on and I just finished Chapter 7 and am beginning Chapter 8 tomorrow and man oh man am I excited! This is what I love about writing, that sensation when you’re on the edge of your own seat, a vague idea about what happens next but not certain, knowing that your characters can surprise you, that one may respond in a suddenly different manner or show an emotional depth of poignancy you hadn’t thought them capable of – and you sit there, typing so fast your fingers disappear and the scene developes before your eyes, perfectly envisioned in your mind, characters moving against a vivid backdrop as the momentum builds and the plot unfurls and they move into their appointed positions and it goes and goes and goes –

And ah! Those moments when you are so caught up that their words give you chills, when the image you’re describing causes your own skin to creep with delight and horror, and you think, far far in the back of your mind, a tiny voice that watches as you write, you think, ‘Did I just write that? Did that just happen?’

I only wrote 2,300 words or something tonight, but I hit the end of the chapter so I’ll stop. I don’t have it in me right now to surge into Chapter 8. Tomorrow, there is always tomorrow, all I need is some quiet to sit before my laptop and narrow my eyes and reimagine where I left off, pick up the sheared threads of the narrative, the emotional resonances and doubts and dreads and fears, and continue, continue writing and writing till eventually I reach the end or careen over the edge of a cliff….