There’s not been much writing on this blog of late about my own writing endeavours, but that’s mostly due to my having settled into a period of waiting for agents to get back to me. Crude Sunlight, I regret to say, has already been passed on by several agents, all of whom were surprisingly polite and encouraging. Though, all is not gloom and doom; one agent (my current bestest favorite) has asked to see a partial of my manuscript, and is currently reading the first fifty pages and deciding whether she wants to read the whole thing.

I am quietly but earnestly praying that she does.

So, until I hear back from her, all is quiet on the Western Front. In order not to go mad while waiting, I’ve begun researching my next novel, which involves reading about 1890’s New York and extrapolating what New York might be like in eighty years time or so. As such, I spend my time reading about nanotechnology and steam engines, the future of online social networking and tenement housing in the Lower East Side. This next book is going to be radically different from CS, and much more fun to write, I think. Plus it looks like it will involve zombies from the future, and what could be better than that?