I was just creeped out by my tea. Me, alone in the kitchen, humming and walking about as I prepared my mug. Usually I set the kettle to boil, but in homage of the modern age I placed my mug in the microwave, set it for two minutes, and set about getting my sugar and milk and tea bag. Two minutes pass, and I remove the mug. No bubbles or sign of heat, but I assumed the microwave had done its job since the inside of the plexiglass door was steamed over. In a bit of a rush, I hurled my tea bag into the hot water – and it began to froth and hiss!

It was as if all the heat had been hiding itself sullenly from my view, till, offended by my cavalier toss, the whole surface of the water about the circular tea bag erupted into booing and catcalling, frothing and spitting. I yanked both hands back as if scalded and stared in amazement as the water boiled about the bag for a few seconds, and then demurely settled back down into placidity.

How strange! Why did the water go from tranquil calm to frothing madness?

Lesson learnt: next time, lower the tea bag carefully, delicately, and with maximum reverance, into the scalding water.