Settling down to start tackling the final chapter. I’ve mostly cleared the surface of my desk, piling up bills, brochures and other work related materials on the far left hand side. I need my table to be an expanse of lustrous red wood. For the amber light of my lamp to glow deep within the horizontal grain. I’ve got a glass of gin and tonic with a slice of lemon at hand. Music is playing. I anticipate no distractions.

Take a deep breath. Pick a starting point, envision the scene, and go.


It’s 12.17 and I’m halfway done. 3,200 words thus far. I love it when I tackle a scene who’s outcome is a mystery to me, when I don’t know what exactly will be said and how each character will react. I’m as much a spectator as the author as I write them, feeling out each character’s response as I write it, allowing the scene to develop, unsure of anything but the next line of dialogue.

The first half has been knocked down. I’m feeling good, feeling alert, awake. I’m going to try for the second half. Ah – this is it! This is it, here I go, time for Thomas to invoke the darkness, and see if he is strong enough to gaze into its depths and not lose his soul.

I’ve been listening to about seven songs on repeat for some time now, playing them whenever I sit down to write. They are:

They Never Got You by Spoon
The Con by Tegan & Sara
Nth Degree by Morningwood
Over and Over by HotChip
What You Waiting For? by Gwen Stefani
All Your Arms About You by Halloween, Alask
Rebellion by Arcade Fire
Little Girl by Death From Above

I play these songs and my mind is given wings, my imagination takes flight and my fingers blur. I don’t hear the words, I don’t parse their meanings, I simply type quicker, my mind grows focused, and I write, I write write write as if in a trance.

OK. Enough – time to wrap up this Chapter!

Much Later:

Alright, didn’t quite wrap it up. Or write anything for that matter. I cracked my knuckles, leaned forwards, prepared to begin typing, and then stopped – what exactly happened next? How would the confrontation play out? What manner of attack would be leveled, and how would Thomas respond? I paused, and realized I had no idea as to how it should go. So instead I walked about in my room, swinging my walking stick about y head, frowning and thinking and coming up with ideas and rejecting them.

What if they do this? Well, that wouldn’t work.
And this? Nope.
What about this angle? Well… maybe, but still, not very strong.
What if… and then it hit me. I sat down, thought about it for a second, and began to explore the idea. A complete change of plan. Much better, more visceral, and less predictable! But how to pull it off? I’ve just now figured it out. And am too tired to write it up.

What’s more, I now know how to set it up, but not how Thomas responds. One step at a time, I suppose. But! Very exciting. Much better ending than I had imagined before. And it’s going to be excellent fun to write.

So – bed for now, and then see what I can do tomorrow! Good night!