It’s a dull gray day here in Miami, with the clouds looking nebulous and uncertain of themselves, unsure as to whether they should go all the way and become dark and rainy, or clear up some and commit to being generally bland and innocuous. The horizon of the city as seen from my 10th floor bedroom fades away into a haze, with the peaks of the taller buildings in the far distance rising gloomily out of the white nothingness that swamps their base.

There’s a vast construction site in the making immediately across the street from me – two big scooper bulldozers (I know there’s a technical name for them, but I never went in for Tonka trucks as a child) have been working nonstop at making a hole of the kind that would have made us Gods if we’d pulled it off on the beach as children. They load an endless line of hardy trucks with dirt and rocks, and though it’s not very deep (about ten feet), it’s growing quite expansive. I’m going to follow the construction’s progress, and see if I can’t learn how to make buildings myself while I’m at it.

My desire to blog has faded! Consider this a rare visual update, and know that I will follow the course of each and every pylon’s progress as it is sunken into the raw earth! Also, I may give more frequent weather updates. Hurrah!