I pass through this station every morning and evening as I go and return from work. The doors of the train chime, I tuck my book into my shoulder bag and squeeze out onto the platform with everybody else, pushing my way through the turn blender processor and then up the iron edged steps to the world outside. It takes me about thirty seconds to exit the station, and I’ve never really paused to look about myself.

The other day, however, awaiting the 1 train to arrive, I wandered up and down the platform and actually looked at the murals that adorn the walls, murals I had only ever noticed peripherally and promised to examine closer when I had the time. They were beautiful, surreal, delightful. A flooded world in which rare creatures of the sea swam and cavorted through the dark tunnels and within the trains of the subway, while oblivious passengers went about their business, less real than the animals about them. I took some shots, and here they are: