And I am returned, alive. Exhausted, but not gamed out–is such a thing possible? I say it is not. And I am living proof. We gamed the weekend straight, and through our deviousness and cunning outwitted our poor DM (Okay, it was our smarts but our ungodly magical power that he hadn’t counted on) and finished the campaign early Saturday night instead of Sunday afternoon. This was because instead of wending our way through his death maze and figuring out all the traps and beating all the monsters, we instead blew up half of his ziggurat, swooped in while flying and invisible to kill the necromancer while he was still untangling himself from his bedsheets and were gone in less than two rounds.

Our DM simply sat there with his mouth open, shocked. But–it was fun! And that’s what matters. Sunday morning, instead of playing the end of his serious campaign, I took over and had the guys create a party of goblin rogues, whom I sent off on a stealth mission to kill a dwarven outpost. Massive silliness ensued, and we’ve decided to keep said goblins in reserve just in case we finish things early again next time.

Anyways. Back to school, kids, books, essays, five paragraphs, mid-terms. Tomorrow is their mid-term exam, a written essay on The Giver. I’m afraid half of them haven’t even finished the book. Remarkable the resistance thrown up when all that was required was that they read 15 pages a night. They’re capable of devouring Stefanie Meyer’s Twilight books in two days, but gag and roll their eyes when the reading’s assigned. Can’t say I blame them–I used to do the same thing.

Weekend around the corner, and then suddenly we’re halfway through the month. Christmas, presents, food, two weeks holiday, sleeping in and doing whatever I like. Man oh man am I looking forward to it.