If you study the fae a little bit, read the original legends, check out the folklore, go beyond Disney and Victorian moralizing, you quickly discover that fairies are not all sugar and spice. Forget Tinker Bell with her pixie dust and quirky smile (at least the Disney version). Forget flower fairies and cuteness and pie. Think instead of the Nuckalevee, flayed raw, half man half beast, stalking the ocean shore and seeking people to devour. Think Red Caps, dipping their hats in blood. Think of the Banshee, washing bloodied clothing of the doomed. And then go beyond the obvious, and think of all the times fairies have stolen children, tricked mortals, reneged on deals and done whatever fitted their fancy. One thing stands clear: rules are there to guide mortal conduct, but not in any way to constrain the fae.

So there you have them. Capricious, lethal, unpredictable, inhuman, mesmerizing, powerful, fickle. What does that sound like? Your average human psychopath. Here’s a list of traits from Dr.Robert D. Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R):

Factor1: Aggressive narcissism

  1. Glibness / superficial charm
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
  3. Pathological lying
  4. Cunning / manipulative
  5. Lack of remorse or guilt
  6. Shallow
  7. Callous / lack of empathy
  8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  9. Promiscuous sexual behavior

Factor2: Socially deviant lifestyle

  1. Need for stimulation / proneness to boredom
  2. Parasitic lifestyle
  3. Poor behavioral control
  4. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  5. Impulsivity
  6. Irresponsibility
  7. Juvenile delinquency
  8. Early behavior problems
  9. Revocation of conditional release

Traits not correlated with either factor

  1. Many short-term marital relationships
  2. Criminal versatility

So obviously, there’s a disturbing similarity between the fae and American Psycho. Interesting, huh?