By Crom, what a day for savage writing! Woke up early, broke all the calcifications that had formed around my joints, snap snap snap, and then, once limber and lithe, I got to writing, stuck right in. Slammed out 12,000 words, wham bam thank you madame. Don’t know if it’s all primo gold, don’t know how much will hold to close inspection, how much might end up lost and cut on the kitchen floor when it comes time to second drafting, but man it felt good to let loose and just blaze across the pages. 12,000 words is roughly about 50 pages in a regular book. Six more days like this and I’ll be done! Problem is, at this speed I’ll out pace the plot, and as the J author of the Bible can you tell you, that’s never a good idea. Just go look at Leviticus if you don’t believe me.

Anyways, here are some Spinal Tap videos of my favorite song: All The Way Home. The first is decent, but it’s the second that’s the best:

Now, on this one, forward the video to about 7:15 and enjoy 🙂