The writing continues apace. Today I churned out some 5,000 words. I slaughtered Chapter Seven, and am very near finishing it. There’s a three page scene left to do, and then I’m smack into Chapter 8, where I think Thomas and Julia have to break into a church to steal some century-old files in order to learn the truth behind Bishop Timon’s mysterious death. I hit a spot today where the characters did the old fashioned library research thing, trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and sort of wobbled about a bit, unsure as to how to procede. How do you write a library research montage scene? Do you quote the appropriate passages with the relevant information? Have the characters declaim to each other the interesting things they’ve found, explaining as they go what it all means? Suddenly the writing seemed force, too filled with information, and I struggled forwards like a man suddenly mired in deep mud. It’s the first draft though, so I’m not too worried; I’ll come back to it, and either cut bits or stretch them out. But for now, I plough forwards!