I’ve been there, you’ve been there: you’re feeling like crap, and a helpful, bright eyed woodland-friend pulls out a cannister of Airborne and tells you it will save your life. “It was created by a Second Grade teacher!” your friend informs. Which always puzzled me, because how does teaching Second Grade qualify you to create medicine? Don’t Second Graders spend all their time learning about where the continents are, and how to do basic math?

Either way, I learned via Boing Boing that it turns out it was all a big joke. Haha! The clinical trials were all faked, and a massive lawsuit brought against the company is being settled with cold, hard cash. Ever waste money on this product? Jump on the bandwagon and get your money back.

GNG is actually a two-man operation started up just to do the Airborne study. There was no clinic, no scientists and no doctors. The man who ran things said he had lots of clinical trial experience. He added that he had a degree from Indiana University, but the school says he never graduated.