It’s past 2am and I’d meant to be asleep by midnight. But while I lay there in the dark, thinking about short stories and horror writing, about how hard it is to write something with a punch that’s also really short, I came up with an idea and had to turn on my laptop and get it down.

I’ve just finished reading a short story collection by Stephen King, and even though some of them are good, some of them are brilliant, most of them come in at 40 pages. That’s some very rough math on my part. Which to me don’t quite seem like a short stories. I got to thinking about Joyce’s style of writing, and how each word was carefully selected, how each exchange in dialogue was designed to develop character, further the plot, enhance the mood, and how you’d have to bring that level of scrutiny to detail to bear on a very short horror tale. Somewhere in there, thinking about Joe Hill’s work and the kind of short shorts they publish in Lady Churchill’s Wrist Bracelet, this horrible little idea coalesced in my mind, and then there I was writing it out and getting chills at one in the morning.

I’ve read it through several times, and corrected some spelling mistakes, changed a few lines, but mostly it’s still the same as when I first got it down. I really wanted to be asleep by now, but sometimes you just have to write, and this was one of them, and if people like it, if I get a good response, maybe I’ll send it out and see if I can get it published.

It’s called ‘Better Even Than Getting Laid’, and it was delightfully creepy to write.