So this past month and a half has been calm, orderly, such that I have been able to schedule my writing and work without much conflict or stress. Some measure of discipline has been called for, but I’ve risen to the task thus far.


The rest of February is going to severely test my commitment to writing 2,740 words per day. I leave Sunday at 5am for a camping trip, returning Monday evening and segueing into a family birthday party. I then have Tuesday day to put my affairs in order, and then leave the country until the 28th.

As you can see, tricky.

I plan to take my laptop with me when I go abroad, and should be able to do plenty of writing on the plane. Will I be able to take an hour off each day to write while I am either camping or traveling? That remains to be seen. My guess? I’ll fall behind, but not egregiously so, and will come back roaring to make up my lost words in March.


Everybody says that in order to be a writer you have to go out and live. What they don’t mention is that going out and living gets in the way of the writing.