Snow RiverThough all has been quiet here on the blog, I’ve been quite busy behind the scenes, working, editing, revising, and more. Flurries of snow continue to hit Western Mass, but most of the snow has finally melted causing the waterfall behind my house to surge and roar as it seeks to disgorge mountain’s worth of snow melt.

What have I been up to? In no particular order:

  • I’ve created and uploaded the Smashwords version of VAMPIRE MIAMI so that the moment its contract with Amazon’s exclusive KDP program expires, I can start distributing it for free across all vendors. 
  • I’m 75% done with revising VAMPIRE REDEMPTION. It’s going really well – I keep forgetting to frown and glare at the manuscript and instead get swept along by the story, grinning like a fool.
  • Created the VAMPIRE LA book page here on the blog – you can read the first chapter there for free 🙂
  • Post CardsPrinted and began writing out all my Kickstarter Postcards. Slow going, since I’m trying to write an original vampire dystopian haiku for each. I’m gaining ground though!
  • I’ve rather foolishly begun doing research for the post-VAMPIRE novel I’m going to write. I know, I know, I should stay focused on the project at hand, but man, I’m so excited I can’t help myself.
  • I’ve begun to send out requests to book bloggers to see if they’d like to review VAMPIRE MIAMI. This has been tough – the vast majority of them simply won’t even look at eBooks or self-published novels, citing their general low quality or abusive exchanges with disgruntled authors. Still, I’ve managed to entice a half dozen bloggers to take a look, which is great!
  • I also created a media sheet for VAMPIRE MIAMI which I send to the book review bloggers, in the hopes of convincing them that I’m a serious and professional author. I think it’s helped. You can see it here!
  • A lot of general housekeeping such as redoing the backs of all my published novels so that they promote VAMPIRE MIAMI, revising my About the Author pages, updating my Amazon Author Profile page, etc.
  • Reviewed Paul Guyet’s audiobook rendtion of the first half of COFFINCAM. People, it’s awesome. And creepy as hell. In part because it’s a creepy story, but in part because it’s weird to hear Paul read the kinky scenes in a full throated voice. I’ll upload the first mini-chapter in my next blog post for you guys to hear!

So there you have it. Quiet as the blog may be, I’m working up a storm. More updates soon!