Before one approaches the editors, before you start thinking of cover art and book tours, reviews and blurbs (ha!), first you have to find an agent. Okay, I just lied to you. First you have to finish writing your book. But once that epic piece of work is done, once you’ve checked it twice, you’re ready for the next step.

And boy does it suck.

Because in comparison to writing a query letter, writing the actual novel can actually seem a rather simple process. Why? Because you have to distill the essence of your 300 or so page novel into three paragraphs. That’s all you have. A query letter is like a haiku to the agent; you impress them with efficiency, cogency, and the ability to be evocative in less than a 250 words. Trust me, it ain’t easy.

So I’m in the middle of querying some agents, hoping to elicit some interest in my latest novel Falls the Shadow. Here’s the query letter I sent out. I worked on it a fair bit, had some great input from a couple of friends, and now I’m sitting on the bank of Agent River, fishing pole in hand, hoping somebody takes a bite.

Ever since a ritual opened his eyes to the demons that walk amongst us, all Jason Kinch has wanted to do is to quietly hunt them down, drink, and die as painlessly as possible when his luck runs out. But that changes forever when he accidentally absorbs a demon’s power while saving a woman’s life, and is hurtled into the secret war being waged before mankind’s unsuspecting eyes.

Suddenly beset by demons intent on dragging him before their master, Jason flees to Reno and falls in with the remnants of the human resistance—a ragged band of Hunters whose hidden network was brutally crushed when their angelic defenders disappeared. Aided by a maniacally reckless biker, an overweight psychic, and Twain—the girl and rising rock star whose life he saved—Jason must fight a running battle to keep himself and his friends alive. But time is running out. The demons care nothing for collateral damage, and the rising body count forces him to question the price of his continued freedom. Worse yet, each passing moment sees the darkness within him grow stronger, and soon his very sense of self may begin to unravel…

Feel free to let me know what you think!