WHAZZAM. Krackapow! You ever feel like electricity is thrumming in your fingers, running in near visible currents from your brain to your fingertips so that you can barely type fast enough to keep up with the words? Nothing like blasting some NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL (THANKS WILL) at max volume right into your cerebral cortex and just letting rip, like bull fighting with a bolt of lightning, like carousing with a drunk mad pack of minotaurs, dancing on a knife’s edge, drinking fire, chumming peyote!

OK, I don’t know what chumming peyote is like, but you get my gist!

Just hammered out 3,000 words in about 30 minutes. I plugged Death From Above 1979, Neutral Milk Hotel and Shaka Ponk into my ears and just attacked. ATTACKED. I could keep going, but 3,000 is good, and I want to stop mid scene so as to be able to pick up white hot tomorrow. Another 3,000 and another 3,000 and so it goes, so it goes.

Does this post make any sense? Does that even matter? Does anything matter other than mainlining creative lightning juice? Can you OD on that stuff? Man, I aim to find out.

Watch this space!