Vampire MiamiVampire Miami has been free on Amazon for four days now, and things are looking great. It’s already been downloaded over 1,300 times, and while that pales in comparison to the mad days over the Christmas holidays of ’11 when Throne was downloaded 20,000 times in five days, it’s still huge. It’s currently ranking around #400 in the free books list, and shows no signs of stopping.

Why am I so excited to be giving Vampire Miami away? After all, I worked so hard on that novel – hired a cover artist, had friends beta read it, and then paid an editor to review it and return it in perfect condition. So why aren’t I charging folks hand over fist?

It’s simple, really. Because I haven’t found an effective way to market my books, and giving away the first book in my series is a wonderful way to introduce new readers to my work. It’s thrilling to see hundreds of people downloading Vampire Miami, and to think that over the next few nights they’ll be meeting Selah and following her on her harrowing journey through the broken streets of the vampire city.

Will they like what they read? Will Vampire Miami gain even more momentum, and generate reviews, positive feedback, and interest in the rest of the series? Only time will tell. Book 2 is already available, and already sales have begun to tick up as new readers finish Vampire Miami and turn to LA.

What’s great about all this however is that Book 1 is permanently free. If it keeps downloading at its current rate, about 6,000 people will download it within the month. That’s 72,000 potential new readers within the year. 720,000 over the next ten years, though who knows what might have changed by then? Book 3 will soon be launched, and then shortly thereafter Book 4. This really feels like a new beginning, an exciting new phase in my writing career.

So welcome to all my new readers, and many thanks to all the people who helped make this moment possible, from my Kickstarter crew to my beta readers to Sophie my cover artist and Jen my editor. I can’t wait to see what happens next!