It’s done! 4,500 words all told, much longer than I had anticipated, but it’s there, on the page, from the first moment we meet Selah on the converted school bus to the moment she kicks open the emergency door and flees out into the night. Chapter 1, done and done.

It’s going to need revisions, I know that already. Going to have to drive down I95 slowly and take notes. Going to have to think through how much description I’ve put in, the dialog, the subtle exposition. But damn it it’s there, and that’s something. Not going to look back.

It’s possible I’ll expand this chapter a little, add in another thousand words and then split it into two chapters, but that’s a decision for down the road. Ideally I’d like each chapter to be about 3,000 words long and end on a high note, but right now I’m more focused on just getting the story out. Revisions and revisions can come a few months from now when I’ve got the whole sprawling mess down.