Feel like the Tin Man today, all my joints rusted and squeaking, my spine stiff and articulated in only two places, my stride jerky and spasmodic, my mind distant and diffuse. Which makes cogent, incisive, devastating blog posts a mite difficult to produce, but what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.

I think I’ve hinted at the dangers of research over the past few weeks. The siren allure of delving ever deeper into the details, of figuring out endless permutations and striving to add layers of complexity in order to deliver greater authenticity and verisimilitude. Danger, Will Robinson. Because without caution, you can get lost. Like Brer Rabbit hitting the Tar Baby, hopelessly engulfed and trapped by his own efforts.

But. But! Have you heard about the new Gunslinger movies/TV shows that are slated to be produced? They’re going to take Steven King’s Gunslinger series (7 books or something) and make 3 feature movies out of it and 2 season’s worth of TV shows. Which is an awesome approach to delivering all the material to the audience; the producers are acknowledging that the source material is sufficiently complex and involved that it can’t be expressed through any one form of media. (BTW, they could use this approach for Gaiman’s Sandman, I’m thinking).

So, back to me (ladies, look at your man, now back to me), back to my novel, my thoughts, my IDEAS: what if instead of simply writing a novel, I were to produce 3 feature movies and 2 season’s worth of a TV show..? No? Ok, what if instead I were to adopt that approach, write the novel, the core story, and then use my blog (or create a dedicated blog) to release World War Z like stories and anecdotes and information that never made it into the original narrative? Add context, flesh it out, not simply sigh and discard it all?

That’s what I’m thinking, and it’s letting me off the research hook. Which is what to do with all this wonderful info you’ve dug up, but sense doesn’t really belong in your novel? World War Z it, I’m thinking. Gunslinger 3 Feature Movie it.

Food for thought!