The dust had settled, the results are in, and I am delighted to call the launch of The Grind Show a huge success. The initial spike in sales that resulted from my promotional marketing strategy propelled the novel into the Amazon stratosphere; for three days it ranked in the top 100 of three distinct categories, and for three days I thus danced and war-whooped with glee and abandon.

Things have slowed down since then, but the sales, they have continued. The rate is slower, but what impresses me is that it is steady. Which means, dear readers, that complete strangers are now reading it. People with no allegiance or personal regard for me are buying the book, and even more crucially, they’re not returning it! Success!

I’ve not been idle, however. I’ve already petitioned some twenty book review blogs to review The Grind Show, and am thrilled to report that four have agreed to do so. That means that hopefully positive reviews should be hitting their blogs, Amazon, and Goodreads in a couple of months, further boosting sales and helping me reach that tipping point where word of mouth truly begins to have an effect.

Latest review from BethR, written on June 16th:

This was my first e-book and my introduction to Kindle (can you believe it?). I read The Grind Show on my mobile with the Kindle app and couldn’t put it down; reading on the bus, walking down the street, and sneaking in a chapter or two before bed. It was gripping from the start and continued until the last word. I’d definitely recommend this book, to fantasy fans and those just looking for a little escape as well. And the price can be beat!

I am most definitely contented with the way things have gone. I’m going to continue asking different book review blogs to take a look, and meanwhile am brainstorming Book 2. It looks like I might be flying out to the South West for a book review road trip, during which I plan to burn a savage trail across Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. If all goes well, Book 2 should be out by the end of July. Fingers crossed!

So thanks to everybody who has helped by either buying a copy, writing a review or telling their friends about it. You guys are amazing.

PS: If you have read the book and have something to say, I absolutely wouldn’t mind your writing a review on Amazon. Seriously!