1. It is fair when careful and meticulous pool playing is upstaged by a wild and bizarrely successful shot from your opponent that most improbably sinks 3 balls. It is not fair when this happens all the time.
  2. It is possible for one half of your body to be freezing while the other roasts. This happens when you sit outside facing a fire while your back faces the sucking sub-zero void that is the New Mexico night.
  3. Jokes about ‘being forced to return’ to a creepy Silent Hill style village grow increasingly less humorous with each successive time you are actually forced to turn around and drive back into said town.
  4. Any dog can make himself unbearably adorable by sitting to attention next to you and placing one of his forepaws on your shoe.
  5. Given enough time, any square once filled with saloons and brothels and where executions took place will inevitably be replaced with jewelry stores and art galleries and plaques commemorating its bloody past.