It was hard to rouse myself. Lunch will soon be served, and besides, it would be criminally negligent to ruin my sleep schedule (ha!), what with a return to work in the offing next week. But, freshly showered, wearing flannel pants and my old New Zealand shirt, I sat on my dangerously comfortable chocolate colored leather couch, legs extended before me on the padded footrest, and tried to read some more of the Odyssey. I am pleased to report that for about forty five minutes I failed.

Instead, with music from The Album Leaf playing in the background, sunlight filtering in through the blinds and the ceiling fan spinning ever so slowly above, I dozed, upright, book held open before me on my lap. Like a wounded soldier who lies fallen in a stream, watching his blood and consciousness flow from him as he descends into an enervating warmth, I fell away from awareness; exhaustion from my late night pulled my eyelids down, soothed my mind over and pulled my chin down lulled me into a light sleep.

Ah, now I am up, food about to be served, feeling dozy but content. Ah, me. Here, check out The Album Leaf below. I love their music, for it is perfect for such afternoons, when all seems hushed and still, as if the world stood witness to some sacred procession just around the corner that affects you not at all. This is, hard though it may be to believe, one of their more spirited songs: