School is finished. At 12.15pm today the bell rang, and the Principal came on over the speakers, her voice echoing through the largely empty halls and rooms, announcing in sepulchral tones that the summer had officially begun. I headed down to the office, where I handed in keys, final grade reports, envelopes with completed exams and envelopes with the materials for kids who needed to make up their exams over the summer. I gave some hugs, some firm handshakes, and then emerged blinking into the sun light, into the summer, into the illimitable potentiality that is unemployment in June.

I might write another book to pass the time if I don’t get snapped up quick. I might devolve into a lurking Lovecraftian horror that rarely leaves his bedroom. I might become fanatically obsessed with workingout out and tofu. One never knows! 
However, one thing is for certain. Going to have to go back to telling people I install ambient lighting in military installations for a living, because telling them I’m a teacher is now out.