Two futile hours seeking sleep when all I can think of is writing and world creation. It’s 2am and I’m up, haunted by images of a world afire, seeking exorcism by disgorging these visions onto the screen.

Samsara Bastard. Posit the following: the world we live in is an evil place, created by a deluded god that is not God but rather a draconian malefactor, a jealous, spiteful, cruel god that treats his creation as a bully does a playground, exacting obedience and terrified worship through torture and violence on a biblical scale.

Imagine such a world, as portrayed by Dore when he illustrated Dante’s Inferno:

Now blend this madness with the style and urbanscapes of Sin City:

This demiurge, this Ialdabaoth is served by the fallen halves of the majestic Aeons; the thirty angels that serve the true God, but whose shadows have succumbed to temptation and now enforce the demiurge’s will upon the earth. Envision them as such, courtesy of One Vox:

Into this world falls our hero, Theletos, one of the prime Aeons from up on high, voluntarily casting himself down into Iadabaoth’s nightmare in order to rescue his partner, Sofia, mother of the demiurge but lost within his creation. In order to avoid the attention of the fallen Aeons, he divests himself of his power, his gnosis, and as a mortal haunted by total amnesia walks these hellish streets, seeking his love, seeking to save her, but learning as he goes that to do so will require his facing not only the fallen Aeons, but ultimately Ialdabaoth himself.