Random facts about this current moment:

1) When The Levee Breaks by Led Zepplin is the what is playing on my iTunes.
2) My iPhone iTunes is demanding endlessly and without cessations that I enter my password. Which I do everytime, and it refuses to accept it. It’s breaking my heart. (gets all ominous) and soon may break my iPhone.
3) I am drinking the most ultra of chocolate milks. The bottle itself is a thing of wondrous wonder; thick glass, smooth and sans label. Just a hefty glass casement for the magical elixir contained within. Thick enough that it almost counts as chocolate mousse.
4) Speaking of Chocolate Mousse, anybody see that old Val Kilmer flic, Top Secret? The part where he walks up to Chocolate Mousse, and takes a swig of his drink, and then spews it all out, hacking and coughing and crying out of his eyes? And he turns to Chocolate Mousse who looks all B.A. Barracus meets the Village People and demands to know what he just drank, and is told with much raucous laughter by C.M. that it was gasoline! Ha ha good times, good times with C.M.
5) I am stuck in that I just ordered 4 books on Hurricane Katrina for research purposes on my new and not yet but soon to be scribed novel. Now I’m stuck waiting for them. But verisimilitude, it is what I crave, what my novel needs, so I have to just sit here and sit and moan and cry and wait for them books to arrive so I can absorb them, read them to the quick and then throw them aside, lessons learned, and get to the writing.
6) But what if this waiting is but an excuse to–what’s the word to delay, not protractor, not prevaricate, not… preposterous… postpone? No. Procrastinate! What if I’m procrastinating? It’s been full fathom five since I last wrote a novel, and look what an addled mess that came out as. Man. What if I’m dawdling? WHAT IF, INTERNET FRIENDS, WHAT IF?
7) This Led Zepplin song is righteous.
8) And my chocolate milk tastes like what angel hugs would feel like.
9) I’ve come up with an insidious plan to create a villain. Did I already blog about this? Take somebody pure and wonderful and almost too good for this world, and then remove their morality while keeping that conviction and righteousness that makes them seem innocent no matter what they do, and spin them into the role of VILLAIN. It’s all about confidence, dudes and dudettes. Just ask the ladies.
10) Also helps to call your villain Bloody Mary. Done. Or better yet, have the orphans call her Bloody Mary. DONE.
11) Anybody else get curious when cool seeming people with more followers then they have people they follow suddenly follow you on Twitter? What, me? What did I do that pinged me into your radar? Other than swig chocolate mousse milk and write pithy advice at late, late hours?
12) Speaking of late hours, it’s time to go eat my pillow. Good night, internet!