Just a mental tally here before I go to bed. A round-up of projects both new and old, in need of completion, editing, or being being written. I’m going to try and reach up into the heavens and pull down the flickering stars so that I can order them on my shelf:

  1. ONE BY ONE: This is close to completion. About to finish the second draft, then some copy editing, and it’s good to go. Cover is done. Needs back copy. Estim. Pub: Jan ’12.
  2. VAMPIRE MIAMI: 2/3rds of the first draft has been written. Needs a rewrite, though the plot and concept is all there. Needs cover, back copy, and then editing. Also, needs a title. Estim. Pub: April ’12.
  3. BLOOD FROM THE MOUNTAIN: Needs serious work. The first draft has been written but it needs extensive rewriting. Going to insert another couple of POV’s, expand the scope. Also need a cover, back copy, and then copy editing. Estim. Pub: July ’12.
  4. MEMORIES FROM THE FUTURE: Concept is there, first 1/4 written. Needs a more definite plot, finished first draft, revision, and then copy edit. Needs cover, back copy, better title. Estim. Pub: Sept ’12.
  5. DEPTH CITY: Research about done. Concept is strong, but in need of plot and characters. Needs first draft, rewrite, copy edit. Needs cover, back copy, proper title. Estim. Pub: Feb ’13.
  6. UNREAL CITY: 1/3 finished of the first draft has been written. Concept and plot are clear. Needs to be completed, revised, copy edited. Needs cover and back copy. Estim. Pub: June ’13.
  7. HUNTING THE HOLY (AKA GRIND SHOW II): Concept & plot are in place. Needs first draft, revision, copy edit. Needs cover, back copy. Estim. Pub: Sept ’13.
  8. CRONE: Concept in place, vague outline of plot. Needs first draft, revision, copy edit. Needs cover, back copy. Estim. Pub: Dec ’13.
I think that’s doable. It reflects how certain novels such as MEMORIES, VAMP, and CRONE are liable to be quick to write and publish, while others such as DEPTH, UNREAL, and BLOOD are going to require much more time due to their greater complexity and potential length. 
Note: I’m not including audio book work with the inestimable Paul Guyet, Jr.
My goal is thus to have published 11 novels by the end of 2013. My first novel, GRIND SHOW, went live June ’11. Thus if I stick to this schedule I’ll publish an average of one novel every 3 months. 
I think this is doable. I’m trying to be right on the money with these estimates. Neither overly optimistic nor conservative. If I push myself, however, I may be able to move faster than I anticipate. I theoretically have GRIND SHOW III and the second and third novels in the BLOOD series to write, as well as VAMP II and perhaps even DEPTH II, and I’d like to squeeze at least one of those into 2013 as well.
We’ll see.
I’m going to have to improve my time management skills, however. Return to my First Million Words discipline, and farm out the copy editing work straight away instead of spending months trying to ferret out my own elusive mistakes. 
Either way, it’s a plan. I’m making it public both to make it real to myself and hold myself accountable to it as time passes. I’ll check back in a couple of years and see how I did.