Sometimes I think being the guy who’s job it is to create the opening credits for films and TV shows is one of the best out there. The opportunity for creative license is huge, you get massive rerun play, and the immediate reaction to the show begins with your work. You have to epitomize the mood, the theme and attitude of the movie, not grate after the fifth viewing, and original enough to stand out amongst the hundreds of others. Here are three of my favorite opening credit scenes–I’m sure you guys can think of many more!

Casino RoyaleBecause it’s so cool. Easily one of my all time favorites.

Dexter Deliciously creepy. Incredible how they’ve turned the prosaic into morbidly fascinating acts of slicing and dicing. The spray of juice when Dexter cuts through the orange is just brilliant.

Samurai Champloo Like Casino Royale, this most excellent anime kicks off with an animated sequence, stylized and full of attitude. A beautiful juxtaposition of classic Japanese art with modern graffiti and hip hop, it just simply works and evokes a sense of nostalgia for the show whenever I watch it. Not heard of Samurai Champloo? Man oh man. Are you missing out, or what?