There it is, my second V-Blog (that stands for video blogging), and it is a stunning 54 seconds or so of rambling, raving and carrying on. At one point I think I throw a spoon, but then again, is that even worth commenting on, I don’t know, the spoon had a rather pleasant heft to it.

I’m on day 8, a quarter of the way through the novel, which makes sense, because each week of the month corresponds to a quarter of the novel, doesn’t it. That means that beginning is now behind me, and I am rumbling into the dreaded middle zone, ‘la zona del medio del diablo’ as a certain Paul Guyet Jr. would surely put it. Now, the reason some writers, not all mind you, some are quite adept at the middle bit, but the reason some writers dread the ‘la zona del medio del diablo’ is because they tend to have an exciting beginning, a great idea for an ending, and no real idea about what happens in the middle. So they ramble and rave and carry on, there is much spoon throwing and they feel as if they are wading hip deep through the Brazilian pantanal, watching the word count until it creeps to about 75,000 which gives them permission to begin the end, which they then do with a sigh of relief and never look back until the dreaded second draft.

So, how do I feel as I step into the second quarter, the beginning of the ‘lzdmdd’? Pretty good, actually. There’s a lot that has to take place, and at this juncture I’m more worried about readers getting turned off by the Saramago-esque writing style (he was very good at writing like himself, in fact he was given a Nobel prize for it, whereas I feel like those pissant painters in Florence who hawk cheap knock off’s to the tourists so they can own their own original painting of the copy of the statue of David or something).

What was I saying. The middle bit. Yes, I think I’ll do fine, and after all, let it be noted that this endeavor is not meant to churn out first rate work, but merely churn out words, which, with a little luck, will make sense to the readers, and even be enjoyable while still being a dreaded first draft. So, no pressure, if you don’t like the story you can just skip to the sex scenes which I’ve facilitated your finding by highlighting in flashing red.

Man, I really need some sleep. Normally I consider re-reading my blog entries before posting them before ultimately deciding not to bother, but today I’m not even pretending to consider. I’m going to post this before I say anything else and then take a good nap (say 35 minutes) before waking up to try and write.

Oh, here is a link to my First Million Words in case you want to see what I’m going on about.

And remember: you are all so very, very good looking!