I am done, I have finished, I have turned in my final paper, the ink is drying and the bells are tolling for I am done, I have finished One by One and what was but a glimmering idea in my mind five weeks ago is now 80,307 words in my manuscript.


This is my fourth complete novel, my fourth novel, finished finished finished, I could dance I could laugh I could cry I could sit down and read the whole damn thing over again and tear it apart and sit with it torn and shredded in my lap as I threaded a needle and prepared to stitch it all back together again, but I won’t I won’t instead I shall stand up and drink a sober glass of water and brush my teeth and go to bed for this, my friends and compatriots, and fellow mourners and partners in crime, is but the first of many, the first of the dozen novels I plan to write this year!

But what a novel, what a trip, what a ride, when I began to his endeavor I expected throwaway pieces of trash, I expected to dredge up nonsense each day to meet my goal, to produce misshapen and awful children that should never see the light of day, but One by One, good god, I love it, I love it, what a novel, what a trip!

Is it the best thing ever and will it knock the socks off any person doughty enough to read it? Who knows, it’s just a first damn draft, but ah, where it could go with a good rewrite nobody knows, but someday I’ll find out.

I’m done I’m done the witch is dead, in three days I’ll be starting February’s novel, and then all this euphoria and madness will be behind me as I settle in for another 80,000 words. January is dead my friends, January 2011 is a thing of the past and all eyes must now turn toward the horizon and focus on the future!

The king is dead!

Long live the king!